Everyone’s schedule is unique because every week campers can choose the classes in which they will receive instruction. We would like to thank three campers who wrote a journal of their days here which was then edited into the below schedule. Thank you Matt Cobb, Geoff Erickson, and Will Silverman:

7:00 AM - Reveille
Once I heard the bugle, I got out of bed, put on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Then I walked out of the cabin and headed for the Dining Hall because today was my day to waiter. After I was done setting my table with my bunkmate, I played some ping-pong.

7:25 AM - Flag Raising & Password
When the bugle rang everyone started up the Knoll and lined up on the colors line. The CQ (charge of quarters) that day was Copp cabin. After the flag was raised, we made our way down to the chapel for the day's password which was “perserverance.”

7:35 AM - Breakfast
We all filed up to the Dining Hall for breakfast. The counselor in charge of calling tables announced the meal: “This morning we have oatmeal, scrambled eggs, bagels, hash browns, and the breakfast bar!” As the meal ended I started to help clear the table.

8:30 AM - Inspection
During inspection, after I made up my own area, I swept the floor while my cabin-mates took various other jobs. Within minutes the cabin was fairly clean but it took us until the bugle to prepare it to be inspected.

9:00 AM - 1st Period
My first period class was the Challenge Course. It was high ropes day and I did the multi-level traverse, one of the harder high ropes elements, successfully.

10:05 AM - 2nd Period
My second period class was woodworking during which I spent quite a bit of time sanding my CD case. And since the pieces were just cut yesterday, I had my work cut out for me.

11:10 AM - 3rd Period
For all the middlers, third period is swimming. Today we reviewed the front crawl, my favorite stroke!

12:15 PM - Waiters’ Call
I quickly made my way up the waterfront trail to prepare my cabin’s table for lunch.

12:30 PM - Lunch
Today’s lunch was the best! We had rib sandwiches, waffle fries, carrots and peas and the salad bar. It was fantastic! And to top it all off, we had lemon cake for desert.

1:30 PM - Siesta
I took the opportunity to read some more of my book and just relax a bit before the afternoon really starts.

2:30 PM - 4th Period
Today I did my 4A class of street hockey. We started with some drills to work on stick handling and then some shooting drills and ended with a really fun skirmish. My team even won 3 to 2!

4:00 PM - Free Swim
While I normally am down at the Archery Range working on a qualification or down at the Waterfront on a hot day, I decided to take it slow today and organized a game of Risk with 5 of my friends.

6:00 PM - Dinner
Tonight for dinner it was pizza night! The camp cook makes the best pizza ever. I ended up eating 4 pieces along with a bowl of salad. Dessert was chocolate pudding. After my counselor dished out the pudding ,the bell rang and there was a pudding eating contest between two of the kitchen staff.

7:00 PM - Flag Lowering
After flag lowering we have about half an hour before evening program. I decided to skip the volleyball game and joined in the impromptu game of frisbee going on in the middle of the Knoll.

7:30 PM - Evening Program
The Middlers played camp-wide capture the flag. It encompassed over three acres of the camp including both the Junior and Middler units. I almost made it back with the other team's flag more than once but as the game went on I decided to be more of a defensive player.

9:00 PM - End of Evening Program
After singing “Day is Done”, it was time for showers. My cabin was called second.

9:30 PM - Taps
As Taps rang, I shut off my flashlight for the last time that day. I got into my bed exhausted but ready to do it all again the next day!