Craft areas are a place for the boys to allow their creative energies to soar. Whether making something from gimp, paint, paper mache or any of the other multitude of materials we offer, our campers are learning valuable skills and exploring their artistic side. At pick-up, the boys' art projects are always a source of pride as they greet their families. 
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Arts & Crafts

Hemp necklaces, gimp, kites, paper mache pinatas, and much more are available for anyone to make in the arts and crafts room. This is a perfect activity to allow the boys to wind down and focus of creativity. But, if stationary crafts are not your cup of tea, you can build your own model rocket and launch it far above the trees!
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Our woodworking shop is a place of dreaming, designing and executing a project all while learning how to safely use specific woodworking tools. From hand saws and chisels to table saws and sanders, our overnight campers are able to create sail boats, benchs, candy dispensers and many other projects.
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