When it comes to parenting, letting your children take flight can feel like an impossible challenge. It's natural for us as parents to want to keep our children close and protect them from all the dangers of the world, but without offering our children the opportunity to experience independence, we are not giving them the opportunity to explore their full potential. Allowing your child to grow and venture out on their own will have many positive ramifications. Here are five reasons why you should consider preparing your little ones for leaving the nest by sending them to residential sleepaway camp:

1. Promote Self-Discovery

One of the primary benefits of allowing your child to head to camp is that it will give them a chance to discover who they really are on their own terms. Not being at home gives them a unique opportunity to find themselves in ways they never would have while living under your roof.

2. Foster Independence

While growing up with parents is essential, it's also important for kids learn how to think independently and make decisions on their own--especially if they want succeed in life after leaving home. Allowing them the space they need away from you can help foster this independence and teach them how navigate through life without depending too much on others.

3. Enhance Problem Solving Skills

When away from home, children will inevitably face unexpected problems or issues--and having problem solving skills is one of the most important abilities any person can have in life. Being able to come up with creative solutions or successfully negotiate various obstacles will benefit your child greatly in every area of life, no matter what age they may be now or later become when trying times arise.

4. Learn about Tolerance and Respect

Living away from home gives children a chance to interact with people who come from different backgrounds than their own family dynamic--which can expose them new beliefs and opinions that may otherwise be ignored at home where everyone has relatively similar values and customs they adhere too closely. Learning more about other viewpoints teaches kids patience, understanding, respect, and tolerance; which are all essential skills needed navigating any form of relationship building between two people or groups of individuals in this eclectic world we live in today (even if it's just small talk with their neighbor).

5. Improve Time Management Skills

No longer having daily access to family resources, such as mom and dad's reminders when it’s time get ready, will now require youngsters to learn to manage time efficiently in order to master basic tasks such as getting ready, keeping track of their belongings, remembering their schedule etc. Doing so enables these soon-to-be adults to plan ahead, prioritize, ranking important things which is a critical attribute to possess in order to succeed in whatever chosen career path they may choose.  

By pushing gently outside your comfort zone, facing your fears head on, letting go, and allowing young adults to explore their freedom you encourage personal development, teach self reliance and foster resilience, all qualities that stay for their lifetime. So give your child this opportunity and enroll them in summer camp today. Enroll now at wlcamp.org/enroll-here