William Lawrence Camp is a unique place because of its values

One of the things that makes William Lawrence Camp a unique place is the values it instills in its participants. Every year, campers arrive with an eager willingness to learn and try new things. They quickly form a strong sense of loyalty and comradeship among each other, which serves as a foundation for building new skills and lifelong friendships. In addition, the importance of sportsmanship is continually reinforced, providing campers with a chance to practice self-discipline while learning to interact with one another within a friendly competition atmosphere. These values help create an unforgettable experience for those who attend William Lawrence Camp.

The camp is designed to encourage the boys to go outdoors

The camp is specifically designed to encourage boys of all ages to get outdoors and away from electronics. Whether that's via playing in the rain or basking in the sunshine, nature will be an integral part of their days. Activities like foraging for food, camping overnight, and honing their wilderness navigation skills will bring a sense of adventure, independence, and connection with the earth that electronics just cannot replace.

The camp focuses on character building

The camp is helping good boys become great men. It focuses on building character, emphasizing the importance of independence, responsibility and confidence. Boys coming out of the experience are equipped with helpful tools to face real-world scenarios, helping them develop into strong pillars of the community. From working together to improving one's self-reliance and maturity, this camp is helping foster the next generation of successful individuals.

The camp staff are all vetted, trained and have years of experience working with children

The camp staff at William Lawrence Camp are all vetted and trained, with years of experience working with children. Each staff member is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for the campers where they can learn, grow and have fun. High safety standards are maintained throughout every activity, ensuring that all participants are safe from any potential harm or danger.

In conclusion, William Lawrence Camp is an amazing place for boys to discover themselves through outdoor activities, gain new skills, build their character and make lifelong friends – all in a perfectly safe environment! Thanks for reading about what makes our camp unique and we hope you’ll join us this summer! have some of the best credentials around. They've been vetted, trained and have years of experience working with children, making them role models that young campers can look up to like older brothers. The staff members each bring something unique to their role and possess a passion for helping kids hone their creative skills. Knowing that our children are in professional and capable hands inspires trust so parents and campers alike can focus on enjoying the summer camp experience.