21 days to camp!

Camper enrollment can be completed online. However, if you prefer, you may also fill out and mail a paper version:

 2023 Camper Enrollment Form

Once we receive camper enrollment, you will receive an e-mail with details on completing a set of Camper Forms at CampDoc.com. All Camper Forms must be completed and received by us by June 1st through CampDoc.com.

To learn more about the electronic database, please read the

 CampDoc.com Welcome Letter

To learn about Camper Tuition Insurance through CampDoc.com, please read the

 Tuition Protection Plan

Important Information

Below are several documents that convey important information about your son's summer here at camp. It is important that you review them carefully prior to attending camp.

Do you have any questions? Not a problem, give our friendly staff a call at our camp office. We are happy to walk you through the process. Just call 603-569-3698.