Are you ready to become THE MAN YOU'RE MEANT TO BE? 

The WLC LIT Internship will teach and test your skills in surviving the wild NH landscape, the smells of the WLC kitchen and waysides and a rambunctious cabin full of boys!

Take a hike, climb a tower, rescue a swimmer, change a life, become the man you're meant to be. The LIT Internship combines traditional camp activities with leadership training and experiential learning.

 LITs will apprentice as cabin and activity leaders, having a day-to-day impact on the younger campers while enjoying traditional camp activities.

You will be performing important duties in maintenance and the dining hall; learning the nitty gritty of being a valuable part of a larger community and what hard work means.

And to ensure independence, responsibility and fun, LITs will plan, lead and participate in an overnight wilderness trip into the north woods of New Hampshire.

Along with the preparation for working at Camp, LITs will have the opportunity to receive tangibles for their future outside of camp.

To qualify for the LIT Internship, you MUST currently be in the 10th grade in the US. Internationals must be 17 years old. 

Click here for the LIT APPLICATION

 LITs will have the opportunity to receive:

  • Certificate of Community Service hours
  • Recommendation Letter from Camp Director, Nat
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification
  • First draft of a College Essay
  • Blog Post published on Camp’s website
  • Trip Leader Certification
  • Belay Certification

Leaders In Training get to enjoy the tradition of William Lawrence while preparing for their future as an employee at William Lawrence Camp and beyond. Check out our LIT Program Particulars for more details!

Character Development Outcomes of the LIT Program:

  • Living Independently
  • Speaking Publicly
  • Conveying ideas productively
  • Leading and encouraging others
  • Resolving conflicts peacefully
  • Reflecting on one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  • Being a valuable part of a community
  • Responsibility for someone else
  • Compassion for others
  • Broader understanding of people’s differences

2024 Summer in The Life of an LIT

  • Week 1 - LITs live in an LIT only cabin with one staff member - their days are consumed with lifeguard training, First Aid and CPR as well as learning leadership skills to use around the younger campers

  • Week 2 - LITs move into their assigned cabins with campers - as the third “adult” in the cabin, LITs are coached on how to assist with the campers’ day-to-day lifeLITs get real-world experience!  

  • Week 3 - LITs progress in their learning by leading activity classes, creating take-home tangibles and managing camper needs.

  • Week 4 - They will plan and prepare for a wilderness trip with very little oversight from staff (except for safety concerns of course!) and then they will participate in the trip they planned - we hope they pack enough underwear! 

  • Week 5Full Immersion into being a Camp Counselor and Activity Specialist- LITs welcome new campers as the third “adult” in the cabin and as a general counselor focusing on camper care during activities

  • Week 6 - Full Immersion into being a Camp Counselor and Activity Specialist - LITs are assigned to favorite activities to work in such as Archery, woodworking and the waterfront

  • Week 7 - Full Immersion into being a Camp Counselor and Activity Specialist - LITs gain exposure to being an employee and are relied upon to be valuable assets to the camp community